~~At PCS, we think you'll find, as have many, that we have numerous ways of coming up with innovative solutions to common, and not so common, plant build or rebuild stage problems. Some that other companies have never faced in fact, but we always come up with the most cost effective way to overcome those problems, be it small or large, and get your project done.~~

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            PCS General Contracting And 
             Professional Consulting Services    
       Highlights of Our Services:

   ~Building tank bases, with gravel aggregates, both in summer and winter conditions. And achieving compaction to near 100%+/-

   ~General drainage and recontouring berm work in a plant site or in off-site environments.

   ~Levelling and rebuilding steel tanks, from small diameter to 200 feet diameter, consisting of new floors, wall and columns, roof rafters and roof sheet modifications.

   ~Supervise and write permitts for various fields, such as, civil ground disturbance dirt projects, and also mechanical, electrical, and structural projects.